Seven Tips For Travel Photography

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Decreasing Blue Luminance will often lead to more natural and vibrant skies. (Left) Dragging a Luminance slider to the right increases the Luminance for that channel. (Right) Conversely, dragging a slider to the left decreases the Luminance for that channel. Photos by William Woodward.

6. You Can Copy And Paste Adjustments

Often you will end up trying several angles and compositions of a very similar scene. On these occasions it can be helpful to apply a basic set of edits to several images. Instead of manually applying the same edits to each image, the Copy and Paste Settings tool in Lightroom for mobile is very helpful. After editing the first image, tap and hold your screen to bring up the menu shown in the screen shots below. Click “Copy Settings” and a menu will prompt which settings to copy. In this case, we want to copy all settings, so we click “OK”. Tap and hold the screen on the photo to which you want to paste the settings, and the pop-up window will now display “Paste Settings” optioin. All the settings from your first image edit will be applied. Repeat as necessary.

Speed up your processing in Lightroom for mobile by copying and pasting your adjustments between multiple images in a series. (Above) Before pasting adjustments. Photo by William Woodward.The adjustment copy and paste process. Photo by William Woodward.

7. Clean Your Image

Inevitably you will come across a scenario where there is something that sneaks into your image that you either missed or cannot control. It could be a tree branch, a dust spot on your lens, or in this case, a distracting marking on the wall of a building. With Photoshop Fix we can quickly and easily remove the distracting element from our scene.

A marking on the wall of a building distracts from this image. Photo by William Woodward.

  • In Lightroom for mobile, select the “Open In” command (in the upper right corner of the screen). Tap “Edit In” then “Healing in Photoshop Fix”.
  • Select “Spot Heal”.
  • With your finger, paint over the area you wish to clean up.
  • Viola!
  • Touch the blue banner at the top of the screen to save and return to Lightroom for mobile.
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