There’s More Than One Right Answer

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On assignment in Smith River in Northern California to photograph the Easter lily harvest, Jones found a “right answer” but didn’t stop there. He found “another” right answer, and another. “So many things begin to change when you come at the world from that perspective of more than one right answer,” says Jones.

“It is much easier,” he continues, “to look for right answers if you are in a celebratory mood than in a ‘what’s wrong with life’ mood.” Jones believes that this practice, for him, leads to a more abundant outlook. “The pie can just keep getting bigger rather than, you know, there’s only so much pie, and if you don’t get it, then somebody else is going to get it.”

Jones’s philosophy of abundance doesn’t mean that he’s blind to reality but that his outlook is lifted by finding something positive on which to focus his energy. “I don’t deny the very real pain and suffering on the planet, but if I look at it in the larger context, there’s way more right than wrong. What we can do in photography today, how we can share it and put it out in the world is really amazing. So I’m usually buoyed up on celebration rather than griping about what’s wrong.”

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